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  • "We need feminism because my mother and too many women like her are statistics in a world where 1 in 3 women are beaten, assaulted, sexually assaulted, molested or abused during their lifetime."

  • "We need feminism because millions of women experience intimate partner violence each year, and many never speak up, afraid of retaliation from their partner and shame from their loved ones or rejection from their community."

  • "We need feminism because women who speak out against rape culture, victim blaming or gendered double standards and called “bitches” or “loud” or “angry” feminists."

  • "We need feminism because we need to hold ourselves accountable for creating a world that’s inclusive through a movement that stands for the rights of women of color, sex workers, queer people and trans women."
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I'm Niki.
I'm a broke grad student studying mental health counseling.
I'm into social justice, I love horror movies, and I'm also secretly quite sappy. All of these characteristics will be reflected in my posts, fair warning.

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